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ISBN13: 9781771883481
ISBN10: 1771883480
Ed:2016:Soft Cover
Vincent P. Magnini
2,150 ฿
A Hotel Manager's Handbook: 189 Techniques for Achieving Exceptional Guest st 3
ISBN13: 9781138915343
ISBN10: 1138915343
Ed:2018:Soft Cover
Nigel Jackson
1,500 ฿
A Practical Guide to Event Promotion st 3
ISBN13: 9780415620727
ISBN10: 0415620724
Ed:2012:Hard Cover
René van der Duim
1,200 ฿ 900 ฿
Actor Network Theory and Tourism: Ordering, (New Condition) st 1
ISBN13: 9781785602719
ISBN10: 1785602713
Ed:2015:Hard Cover
Joseph S. Chen
3,350 ฿ 1,500 ฿
Advances in Hospitality and Leisure st 2
ISBN13: 9781138880627
ISBN10: 1138880620
Ed:2014:Soft Cover
Metin Kozak
1,680 ฿ 800 ฿ Only-THA
Advances in Tourism Destination Marketing:Managing Networks (New Condition) st 2
ISBN13: 9781446280720
ISBN10: 1446280721
Ed:2015:Soft Cover
Chris Hackley
1,900 ฿
Advertising and Promotion st 3
ISBN13: 9781138822467
ISBN10: 1138822469
Ed:2015:Hard Cover
Dorina Maria Buda
1,800 ฿ Only-THA
Affective Tourism: Dark Routes in Conflict st st 2
ISBN13: 9781785609404
ISBN10: 1785609408
Ed:2016:Hard Cover
John D. Bitzan
3,820 ฿
Airline Efficiency st 2
ISBN13: 9781138237537
ISBN10: 1138237531
Ed:2017:Soft Cover
Gerald N. Cook
1,790 ฿
Airline Operations and Management: A Management Textbook (รอหนังสือมาใหม่ค่ะ)
ISBN13: 9781784418700
ISBN10: 1784418706
Ed:2015:Hard Cover
Antonin Kazda
4,200 ฿ 1,800 ฿
Airport Design and Operation st 2
ISBN13: 9780415529396
ISBN10: 0415529395
Ed:2013:Soft Cover
Nigel Halpern
1,500 ฿ 800 ฿ Only-THA
Airport Marketing (New Condition)
ISBN13: 9781138913585
ISBN10: 1138913588
Ed:2015:Hard Cover
Alan Law
1,800 ฿ Only-THA
Alternative cultures and leisure: Creating pathways for sustainable st 2


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