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ISBN13: 9781412974646
ISBN10: 141297464X
Ed:2012:Hard Cover
Joseph P. Stoltman
4,500 ฿ Only-THA
21st Century Geography: A Reference Handbook (2v/set) (New Condition) st 1
ISBN13: 9781119250623
ISBN10: 1119250625
Ed:2016:Soft Cover
Noel Castree
1,980 ฿
A Companion to Environmental Geography st 3
ISBN13: 9781405189316
ISBN10: 1405189312
Ed:2014:Soft Cover
William G. Moseley
1,600 ฿ 800 ฿
An Introduction to Human-Environment Geography (New Condition) st 3
ISBN13: 9781446276020
ISBN10: 1446276023
Ed:2015:Soft Cover
Stuart C Aitken
1,500 ฿
Approaches to Human Geography: Philosophies, Theories, People st 3
ISBN13: 9781844079216
ISBN10: 184407921X
Ed:2010:Soft Cover
Luisa Maffi
2,100 ฿ 800 ฿ Only-THA
Biocultural Diversity Conservation: A Global Sourcebook (New Condition) st 3
ISBN13: 9781118968581
ISBN10: 1118968581
Ed:2016:Soft Cover
C. Barry Cox
2,880 ฿
Biogeography: An Ecological and Evolutionary Approach st 4
ISBN13: 9780415624091
ISBN10: 0415624096
Ed:2016:Soft Cover
Thomas A. Hutton
1,330 ฿
Cities and the Cultural Economy st 2
ISBN13: 9781482206524
ISBN10: 1482206524
Ed:2015:Hard Cover
Guillaume Damiand
3,200 ฿
Combinatorial Maps: Efficient Data Structures for Computer Graphics and Im st 1
ISBN13: 9781405169905
ISBN10: 1405169907
Ed:2010:Soft Cover
Alison Stenning
1,200 ฿ 700 ฿ Only-THA
Domesticating Neo-Liberalism: Spaces of Economic Pra (New Condition) st 1
ISBN13: 9781118770160
ISBN10: 1118770161
Ed:2015:Soft Cover
Masashi Hayakawa
5,100 ฿
Earthquake Prediction with Radio Techniques st 1
ISBN13: 9781412913133
ISBN10: 1412913136
Ed:2008:Hard Cover
Karen Kemp
6,500 ฿ 2,000 ฿ Only-THA
Encyclopedia of Geographic Information Science (New Condition) st 2
ISBN13: 9780415658454
ISBN10: 0415658454
Ed:2013:Hard Cover
Charlie Karlsson
900 ฿ Only-THA
Entrepreneurial Knowledge, Technology and the (New Condition) st 3


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