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Essentials of Human Disease in Dentistry st 5

Barcode: 9781119251842
ISBN: 1119251842
Ed. 2/2018
Soft Cover  8x11(Inch)    376 :pages
Pub. Wiley-Blackwell
Mark Greenwood

2,800 ฿

USD    79.99

1ED/2009 9781405170338 A comprehensive guide to providing effective dental treatment and care to patients affected by diseases. Essentials of Human Disease in Dentistry, Second Edition takes an integrated approach to dentistry and how it relates to general medicine, surgery, pharmacology, therapeutics, pathology and microbiology. Building on the success of the Textbook of Human Disease in Dentistry, this new edition has been updated with a new layout, featuring key topics, learning objectives and practical clinical advice in each chapter. This accessible guide is structured around the systems of the body and covers all major diseases and conditions with their aetiology, symptoms, and treatments. The focus is on the relevance of particular diseases and their drug treatment in relation to dentistry and patient dental management. This vital resource: Promotes a better understanding of how to provide effective dental treatment to patients affected by diseases Presents illustrative examples and helpful clinical photographs throughout Includes a new chapter on the importance of understanding shock Features self-assessment questions at the end of each chapter, and a companion website hosting downloadable images from the book Essentials of Human Disease in Dentistry, Second Edition is an invaluable resource for undergraduate dentistry students as well as newly qualified dentists preparing for the MFDS exam.

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