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The Feline Patient st 2

Barcode: 9781119269038
ISBN: 1119269032
Ed. 5/2018
Hard Cover  8x11(Inch)    1088 :pages
Pub. Wiley-Blackwell
Gary D. Norsworthy

6,130 ฿

USD    174.95

4ED/2010 9780813818481 The classic quick reference to feline medicine with essential information on diseases, behavior, clinical procedures, and more. Comprehensive yet accessible, this fully updated new edition of The Feline Patient offers more than 300 chapters covering all aspects of feline veterinary practice. The book arranges topics alphabetically within sections, allowing busy clinicians to rapidly find information on diagnostics and treatment options, all specific to the unique needs of cats. Omitting lengthy discussions on pathophysiology in favor of an emphasis on clinically relevant information for diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis, the book’s approach is carefully designed for use in the clinical setting. The Feline Patient, Fifth Edition includes 30 additional chapters, along with new clinical pearls providing observations about diseases and procedures gleaned by Dr. Norsworthy over his forty-five years of clinical practice, which are called out in boxes. With clinically oriented images throughout, this edition reorganizes several sections in order to accommodate and better present the massive amount of important information. Includes chapters written by a global list of contributors for an international perspective Provides new clinical pearls providing useful advice for practice Presents an improved layout and page design for ease of navigation Offers a new companion website offering hundreds of additional images as well as video clips of clinical cases and procedures The Feline Patient, Fifth Edition is an essential resource for all veterinary practitioners who work with feline patients, as well as veterinary students.

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