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Radcases Interventional Radiology st 3

Barcode: 9781626232822
ISBN: 1626232822
Ed. 2/2018
Soft Cover  8x11(Inch)    268 :pages
Pub. Thieme
Hector Ferral

2,400 ฿

Mark  109.99

1ED/2010 9781604061772 Interventional Radiology Second Edition by Hector Ferral and Jonathan Lorenz details image-guided procedures and prepares you to diagnose the full range of arterial, venous, nonvascular, and oncological conditions. Included in this book are 100 cases covering congenital malformations to acquired pathologies, illustrated with clear, high-quality images and now with questions and answers for review. For maximum ease of self-assessment, each case begins with the clinical presentation on the right-hand page; study that and then turn the page for imaging findings, differential diagnoses with the definitive diagnosis, essential facts, pearls and pitfalls, and more. Key Highlights 500 high-resolution images guide the reader through the cases The importance of the RV/LV ratio in CT evaluation of pulmonary embolism Cutting-edge advances in prostate embolization, thermal ablation applications, the use of IVC filters, and the management of vascular malformations and portal hypertension Arterial interventions with tips for aggressive management of below the knee arterial complications Evaluation of AAA stent grafts and common types of endoleaks, with tips on how to identify and describe them

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