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The Electronic Health Record for the Physicians Office: For Simchart for st 5

Barcode: 9780323511469
ISBN: 0323511465
Ed. 2/2018
Soft Cover  8x11(Inch)    192 :pages
Pub. Elsevier
Julie Pepper


USD    63.95

1ED/2015 978-0323447317 Get hands-on practice with entering data into the Electronic Health Record! The Electronic Health Record for the Physicians Office, 2nd Edition uses online simulations to walk you through each EHR task. Clear, step-by-step guidelines simplify the exercises in each simulation, so you learn all the EHR skills required of a medical office professional. This edition adds in-depth review and preparation for the Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist (CEHRS) examination. Written by Medical Assisting educator Julie Pepper, this how-to manual helps you master the administrative, clinical, and billing/coding skills you need to gain certification and succeed on the job. Access to SimChart for the Medical Office sold separately. Use of SimChart for the Medical Office (SCMO) for all EHR/practice management applications makes it easier to learn and apply EHR fundamentals. Realistic, hands-on practice helps you develop EHR skills including implementation, HIPAA compliance, troubleshooting, and submitting claims for reimbursement. Safe learning environment allows you to learn and practice tasks without fear of making a mistake affecting real patients. A guided tour through SCMO shows how to use the online simulations and practice EHR tasks. Application exercises in the appendix cover administrative, clinical, and insurance/billing, allowing you to practice the skills learned in the text. Student learning resources on the Evolve companion website include form upload, cases, additional insurance cards, and patient information forms, all providing additional practice. NEW! Enhanced EHR coverage provides in-depth preparation for the CEHRS examination. NEW! CEHRS examination preparation tools are included on Evolve.

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