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Governing Interests: Business Associations Facing Intern (New Condition) st 2

Barcode: 9780415648097
ISBN: 0415648092
Ed. 1/2012
Soft Cover  6x9(Inch)    256 :pages
Pub. Routledge
Wolfgang Streeck

1,600 ฿
Sale: 800 ฿

USD    57.95

In Thailand Only
In the current period of globalization, Governing Interests presents new research on the impact of internationalization on the organization and representation of business interests through trade and employer associations. By exploring ongoing, gradual, but nevertheless profound changes in the structures and functions of business interest associations, the book develops a precise understanding of the relationship between the national and the international. Both conceptual and empirical, some papers included in this significant volume adopt a ‘bird's eye view’ of the topic, whilst others concentrate on individual industries or countries, and several, through examination and analysis, consider the effects on interest representation and the repercussions on effective governance. Contributed to and edited by leading academics, the diversity of research questions and methods used in this volume provide the reader with an excellent understanding of the subject and, importantly, caution against rash simplifications. Comprehensive and scholarly, this text will be of particular relevance to political scientists and sociologists

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